As time goes by, skin stem cells weaken, the amount of collagen produced decreases, and skin becomes sluggish and thinner. The most visible result of this process are fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. However, research has specified the cause of skin aging and the efficient and swift measures to tackle its effects. Skin aging is therefore reversible when the levels of collagen, your main skin health resource, are replenished.

Collagen is the major structural component of skin, comprising about 80% of its dry weight. Aging, environmental factors, UV light, hormones, and nutrition affect the skin’s properties every day leading to a loss of collagen which in turn leads to fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity of the skin.

Maintaining the amount of collagen is the key to beautiful skin. Glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline are the main constituents of collagen; replenishing these constituent amino acids appears to be needed to maintain the amount of collagen at healthy levels and thus prevent skin aging.




Aging of the skin occurs when the epidermis thins, cell renewal slows and collagen is lost or damaged, leading to less moisture, less elasticity and rmness. Contributing factors to skin aging include genes, hormones, UV irradiation, smoking and pollution. All of these factors generate reactive oxygen species that damage the anti-oxidative defense mechanisms of the skin

The active ingredient of PRO·COLLAGENIUM® (Naticol® peptides) is a pure natural fish-derived ingredient (hydrolyzed collagen peptides*) that supplies the skin cells with the basic elements to synthesize new collagen fibers which improve epidermis moisture content and prevents skin aging.

When taken orally (more than 90% is digested and quickly absorbed) collagen peptides trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers by stimulating fibroblast cells in the skin epidermis.

Naticol® has clinically demonstrated its role as an ingredient in anti-aging applications.

(*) Collagen fiber is a very large chain-like molecule that is hardly absorbed by the skin or absorbed by the digestive tract when taken orally. Therefore, this molecule is “cut” (hydrolyzed) in to smaller parts to increase its digestibility and make it easily available for your body’s skin cells.

PRO·COLLAGENIUM® has clinically demonstrated its role as an anti-aging applications.


This clinical study was double-blind, randomized, against placebo, done on two groups and was carried on 40 healthy female subjects from 50 to 70 y.o, during spring and for 12 weeks. The objective was to evaluate the antiaging potential of oral intake of PRO·COLLAGENIUM® (10 000 mg of fish collagen peptides) on cutaneous measures and its tolerance. This study was conducted by CPCAD (independent pharmacology center specialized in dermatology from Nice, France) and biomechanical measurements of volunteers were controlled by certified dermatologists. This clinical study was performed according to French regulatory competent authority (ANSM) and approved by the local Ethical Committee (CPP). Consent was obtained from each subject before entry in the study.

The results of oral ingestion of PRO·COLLAGENIUM® on a daily basis, up to 12 weeks, clinically show that regular intake of 10G Fish collagen peptides should improve the basic skin moisture and elasticity, and reduces wrinkles.

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